The Prophet X Bio

The Prophet X pastor

The Prophet X is a man dedicated to becoming “all things to everyone so that some can be saved”. He is a Pastor, a Rapper, a Mentor, A Producer, an Author, a Teacher and much more!

The Prophet X is a Gospel Rap artist and Christian minister based in Los Angeles CA. He was born in Lima Ohio, but was raised in LA. He has been involved in Gospel Rap Ministry for over 16 years.

Prophet began rapping as a secular (worldly) rap artist but God soon revealed to him that He had a much BIGGER plan for his life. After several years of struggling to make it on the hip hop scene, The Prophet X turned his attention towards telling people about the power of Jesus.

As a Christian he believes and testifies that Jesus Christ is the one and only Son of God and there is no other way to salvation then through faith and belief in Jesus. His music and his life are based on this belief. The message is often referred to as REAL and RELEVANT.
There is a big difference between rapping “About” God and rapping “For” God. Any nonbeliever can rap “about” God and many do, but only a man chosen by God can rap “for” God… and it only takes a few seconds of listening to realize that The Prophet X is rapping “For” God.
The Prophet X brings a very strong biblical message to his listeners, in fact the majority of the rap and spoken word lyrics are directly taken from the scriptures. Even though this music is considered “Hip Hop”, The Prophet X does not taint the message by adding “Hip Hop” to it. This is more then just clever word play and words that rhyme but mean nothing. These words all have meaning and minister both to the Saved and Unsaved. The message that he delivers is also clear and concise and enjoyable by listeners of all ages.

The music is written, arranged, composed produced, performed, mixed, and mastered all by The Prophet X, so to say he has a deep connection with every music track he uses is an understatement. Perhaps the style can best be defined as original west coast rap with some moderate rock influences. Musically the tracks are designed to hold your attention while The Prophet X breaks down scriptures and stories from the bible as well as reflecting on his own life growing up in Los Angeles. Ultimately any song you hear from The Prophet X will be centered on teaching the testimony of Jesus Christ.

All for The Glory of God

17 Years Experience

6 Solo Albums

1000s of Souls Reached