The Lost Writingz is a collection of songs from The Prophet X. These songs were originally written and recorded between the years 2005-2007 but due to a computer hard drive crash all of the songs were lost… until now. The entire album was reconstructed piece by piece from the crashed hard drive. With the patience of a saint, The Prophet X, worked over a period of 8 months to put the songs back together. Some files were missing and needed to be re-recorded, and some beats needed to be replaced with new beats. The process was both rewarding and humbling at the same time.

Now after 8 long years, these wise words from God will finally make their way to the ears of the world. Fully remixed and remastered these 15 tracks sound timeless and are even more relevant now then when they were originally written. Featuring never heard before songs with artists such as APX, Sevin, Dos The Psalmist, Khanchuz, Boanerges, Takim Brown and more, this album instantly transports the listener to a time when Gospel Rap was about reaching souls through music. Raw lyrics and hard beats are The Prophet X’s calling card and this album does not disappoint!