This is the first album in the 7 Series. REINVENTED I

In January of 2017 The Prophet X created an idea to release 7 new albums in 7 different genres each with 7 songs on them. This is known as The 7 Series and this album, “This Fire in My Heart” is the first album in the series. This is s probably the farthest away from what you would expect to hear from the well known Christian Rapper. This is a Metalcore album and for those of you unfamiliar with Metalcore, this is a mix of Heavy Metal and Hard Core Punk, that focuses on loud de-tuned guitars, slow heavy drum beats and aggressive screaming vocals.

The Prophet X delivers all of this and more and still maintains a clear and powerful message about Jesus that can be easily understood even with all the metal. This is 7 songs of passion and deliverance where we find The Prophet X singing, screaming and rapping as well as playing every instrument you hear! There are certain albums that redefine an artist and this is one of them!