Award winning Christian Rap artist and Pastor The Prophet X is now available for booking of Concerts, Outreaches, Youth Nights, Christian Camps, Bible Studies, Sunday Services, Conferences, Lock-Ins, and all forms of Christian Ministry.

Available for events all throughout the United States!

If you are looking for a fresh and powerful way to reach out to local youth or empower the youth in your congregation then The Prophet X is the minister you need!

MP3 Sample Song Downloads

1. Make A Change -DOWNLOAD or PLAY

2. I Want to Surrender -DOWNLOAD or PLAY

3. Covered by The Blood -DOWNLOAD or PLAY

4. Prophecy For Life - DOWNLOAD or PLAY

These are just a few o fthe songs that are performed live during concerts. you can right click on the file and select SAVE TARGET AS to download it to you computer to share with your Youth.

"I'm not a rap star, even though I rap and I have albums... and I go on tours... the rapping is just a tool that I use to make a connection with my listeners. The important thing is that they hear about JESUS and how he can change their lives!

Booking me or artists from my record label is quick and easy and theres no "riders" or list of demands that we have set up and theres no "fees" that we charge.

If your organization is able to help with travel or other accommodations or a love offering then that is a blessing on top of the blessing that we get from just being able to serve and share what God has given us. If your organization is struggling or is NOT able to help, dont let that stop you from contacting us!

If the Lord wants us to be there I'm SURE that HE will make a way. - The Prophet X


*2002 Gospel Rap Artist of The Year Nominee - Southern California Gospel Announcers Guild

*2003 Gospel Rap Artist of The Year Nominee - Southern California Gospel Announcers Guild

*2004 Best Holy Hip Hop Performer Nominee - LA Black Music Awards

*2005 Best Holy Hip Hop Performer Nominee - LA Black Music Awards

*2005 Best Holy Hip Hop Performer Winner!!! – Hollywood Gospel Insider Music Awards

The Prophet X is more than just a Gospel Rap artist, he is also the Senior Pastor of The Freedom Fellowship Church.

The Freedom Fellowship Church is a Christian Hip Hop church located in San Fernando CA. It was planted in January 2012 and is a non-denominational church that is focused on providing practical teachings about Jesus that anyone and everyone can easily understand.

Using his strong background in Hip Hop music The Prophet X takes the teachings of Jesus and presents them in a comfortable "come as you are environment" that works very well with both Churched and Unchurch Youth.

In our church the members and visitor are free to ask questions even in the middle of the service, making it a very interactive learning experience. We direct all of our services towards practical applications of Jesus’ teachings.

We invite all local churches, Urban Youth, Skaters, Rockers, Hip Hoppers and the like in the San Fernando Valley to come and partner with us and to hear the Word of God in a language they can easily understand.


Pastoral References
The Prophet X has appeared and partnered with many ministries over the years. Below is a few references from Pastors and other Ministers.


What I truly enjoy from The Prophet X is his ability to embrace the people by personally identifying with them and giving them his all. The people have no problems talking to him like they've known him for years.
Pastor Joe Castaneda
Echoes Family Church
Bakersfield, CA

The Prophet X and his ministry of music has truly been a blessing to our Church and our "taken it to the streets" outreach ministry. His style fits right in with the beat of our Church thank you Prophet keep up the good work.€
Pastor Martin Basaldua
Divine Vision Minsitries Inc.
Bakersfield, CA

This event was great. Had a great turn out. We are grateful for the obedience of your ministry. All about Jesus baby!!
Paul Madrid, Youth Leader
Victory Outreach
El Paso, Texas

Awesome! There is definitely an anointing. Come back!!
Pastor Beto Hernandez
Victory Outreach
El Paso, Texas

I saw many teens that had been border line embarrassed to raise their hands to God, LET GO & not be afraid to stand for Jesus!
Pastor Ralph Olivas
220 High Voltage Youth Group
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Prophecy Records & The Prophet X are the realest west coast ministers in the market. The 5th Element has dubbed them €The Trumpets€ because they are the call to battle the enemy. God Bless!
Pastor Boogie
5th Element Hip Hop Church
Phoenix, Arizona


The Prophet X's debut album, BLOOD OF THE PROPHETS was released on PROPHECY RECORDS in 2004 and literally changed the entire Gospel Rap sceene when it was released.

The album features 18 tracks and was produced by The Prophet X and Paul Carlsen.

The second album STREET CORNER REDEMPTION was released by PROPHECY RECORDS in late 2006. This album is a change for The Prophet X because it features a more Commercial West Coast hip hop sound. This album has 15 tracks and is also produced by The Prophet X.

The mixtape album MINISTRY MIXTAPE VOL 1 was released by PROPHECY RECORDS in late 2005. This mixtape album is a collection of power gospel raps over popular beats used by secular artists. This is the mixtape that changed the whole gospel mixtape movement. It features 25 fun uptempo commercial styled tracks that the YOUTH LOVE!

The third album THE LOST WRITINGZ was released by PROPHECY RECORDS in 2012. This album is a classic and a lot o fthese songs are still performed regularly at concerts! This album has 15 tracks and is also produced by The Prophet X. The song and video for "Waiting on a Breakthrough" is from this album

This album SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN was just release in July of 2015 by PROPHECY RECORDS. This album is a powerful call to action for believers to stand up boldly for the things of God. This album has 15 tracks and is also produced by The Prophet X.

Call 818-357-6517 for booking now!

The Prophet X is hitting the road starting in July with other members of Prophecy Records and bringing an action packed 2 hour Gospel Rap concert to several cities and states!